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Monday, May 2, 2011

Drug Dealer Robot

A company named Remedi SeniorCare is producing a robot to dispense drugs to people in health care facilities and pharmacies. The automated, computerized system packages, labels and dispenses thousands of
individual drug orders a day. Michael G. Bronfein, Remedi's chief executive said, "It's like a big Pez dispenser", gleefully, he added, "But with a super-gigantic brain".

The automated system requires up to five people, including a maintenance person, to operate as opposed to16 people to do the same job.  It can dispense medication to patients but it doesn't make sure they take them.  Should a person be unable to take their pills or stockpiles them, the robot doesn't care.  Instead of health care facilities, they can call themselves, don’t care facilities.

Mr. Noboto

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