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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


How would you like a robot to make and spend your money for you?  There is some buzz on the web about the forex robot.  This is a computer based program designed to monitor the stock market long term trends, daily movements, or semi-daily trends.  It will make trades for you based on analysis. The contention is that people use too much emotion when it comes to making business decisions and that there should be no emotion in making money. At the end of the day you might find your entire portfolio has changed but don't take it personally, the program overruled you based on data.
What happens when the program decides to leave you out of the equation
because you give it unsound instructions?  Does it create a pay-pal account in its own name to hire a bodyguard against you, open offshore accounts to shield capital gains, or move out of your computer all together to reside in the web taking your money with it?

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